The Envato WordPress Toolkit enables you to access your Envato WordPress purchases from within your WordPress Dashboard. It allows you to not only install themes but also to receive update notifications and update automatically, just like regular WordPress themes.

The plugin is still being developed and improved, but it’s working and very beneficial. Following is a visual walk-through of doing a theme update. The plugin download link is at the end.

Step 1

Generate an API Key, maybe one per domain you install it on.

Setup your Envato API Keys
Setup your Envato API Keys

Step 2

After installing and activating the plugin (read the readme file for installation instructions), navigate to the Envato Toolkit wp-admin page.

View your themes to be updated

Step 3

After clicking to auto-update, you’ll see the confirmation that everything worked correctly.

NOTE: Make sure you’re using a child theme to make customizations. This way, you’ll be able to make theme updates without worrying about losing your customizations. And if you’re getting a blank white screen instead of getting this far, check the box in the plugin settings to skip doing the theme backup. If you check the box, do the backups yourself before auto-updating.

The theme has been updated
The theme has been updated (but isn't Active because I'm using a child theme)

Step 4

Going back to the Envato Toolkit wp-admin page, the plugin lets me know that my theme is up-to-date.

ThemeForest auto updated theme, no more updates to do

Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin

Download the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin. Just make sure to check back occasionally to look for new plugin updates.