Coolblue - Responsive Multipurpose Wordpress theme - Corporate WordPress

Current Version: 1.0.2
Last Update: 25.4.2014
ThemeForest: URL



Update: 4.12.2012 - v1.0.2

- removed iefix from also being included in other browsers 
- fixed Firefox portoflio hover animation (transitions)
- fixed Opera problem with transparent portfolio hover icon
- fixed broken link in documentation (dummy zip file)

Update: 5.12.2012 – v1.0.1

- added Google+ icon
- fixed problem with top menu, when no social accounts were set 
- fixed problem with responsive on demand
- added widget for photostream (dribbble, flickr, instagram, pinterest)

Update: 11.12.2012 – v1.0.2

- fixed Twitter account problem
- fixed access rights issue for non admin users 

Update: 12.12.2012 – v1.0.3

- fixed translation issue
- coolblue is now wordpress 3.5 ready 

Update: 17.12.2012 – v1.0.4

- added WordPress gallery support (1 - 9 columns) 
- fixed recent projects responsive view 
- fixed background on box version, when top menu is empty

Update: 23.12.2012 – v1.05

- external plugins (Revolution slider, WooSlider) now load from our servers (better updating) 
- sidebar menu style fix 
- gallery fix 
- accordion can now be set to either closed or open 
- fixed portfolio page not being loaded 
- fixed portfolio translation 

Update: 3.1.2013 – v1.0.6

- removed division by zero error when Portfolio page was not selected 
- default value in Theme style settings for second font family set to Arial 
- added styles for Wrapping Text Around Images 
- IE8 javascript fix  

Update: 3.1.2013 – v1.0.8

- "Recent / Popular / Comments box" widget style fix 
- menu dropdown fix 
- changed database tables encoding to UTF-8 

Update: 21.1.2013 – v1.0.9

- fixed sidebar problem on single post page
- fixed top menu not showing, when no social media was set
- better image sizing (responsive and in column layout)
- fixed cutoffs (buttons, images, etc.) on bottom of the page
- improved content layout; content will now be properly displayed (as set in the content editor)
- improved animation on elements like buttons, to top arrow, links, etc.
- fixed one pixel animation problem on portfolio hover tab
- removed division by zero error when Limit items option was not set
- fixed blog pagination
- search now also shows page results, not just post results
- fixed first blog item margin
- tabs now support up to 5 tabs, instead of just 3
- person social accounts now only appear when the are set; added Google+ account setting

Update: 24.1.2013 – v1.1.0

- fixed bug, that was caused by the previous update (boxed version not displaying properly) 

Update: 26.1.2013 – v1.1.1

- added files for child theme support

Update: 8.2.2013 – v1.1.2

- heading sizes option 
- added "Projects by ID" shortcode
- recent projects out of bounce fix 
- portfolio on single page breadcrumbs link fix 
- accordion, tabs lists fix 
- accordion now supports shortcodes 
- portfolio now also support videos (videos are added via [youtube] and [vimeo] shortcodes) 
- statement box IE8 fix 
- fixed CSS for WP-Members plugin (the plugin login also works on responsive)

Update: 15.2.2013 – v1.1.3

- main navigation does not have to be named "Main menu" anymore (responsive menu now shows regardless of the Main Navigation name) 
- social media and the "Person" shortcode now also have Instagram option 
- portfolio pagination fix

Update: 18.2.2013 – v1.1.4

 - child theme fixes (child theme now loads all resources)

Update: 12.3.2013 – v1.1.5

- fixed breadcrumbs when using parent pages 
- fixed footer IE8 issue 

Update: 20.3.2013 – v1.2

- Mobile menu now loads properly

Update: 13.6.2013 – v1.2.1

- Twitter API updated to 1.1

Update: 24.6.2013 – v1.2.2

- added search and category pagination 
- update search style

Update: 08.08.2013 – v1.2.3

- updated: LightBox2 (fixed the issue with WordPress 3.6) 
- updated: WooSlider 
- updated: Revolution Slider

Update: 18.04.2014 – v1.2.4

- fixed: issue when no portfolio page is selected

Update: 22.04.2014 – v1.2.5

- fixed: issue with WordPress 3.9 (shortcode builder)

Update: 13.05.2014 – v1.2.6

- fixed: list inside tabs issue

Update: 2.6.2014 – v1.2.6

- fixed tags link issue 
- fixe